Chair of language, language development and communication (FHNW)

The chair of language, language development and communication is one of nine professorships at the Institute for Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education at the School for Teacher Education in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Mathilde Gyger. The professorship is involved in the field of education and training as well as research and development. In teaching, specific applications to promote oral and written language skills in kindergarten, the entry stage and the lower grades of primary school are provided. The professorship does research on behalf of various cantons and municipalities. One focus is on the acquisition of the German language and the handling of dialect and language standard of children with an immigrant background in Swiss German schools. Members of the professorship are actively engaged as authors and publishers for the development of teaching materials for kindergarten and primary school.

Research domains: 

The professorship language, language development and communication has a research focus in the field of German as a second language. Research and development have a clear focus on application orientation and aim to support children in their language development, and teachers in promoting this development. The key activities are: German as a second language and its promotion; Promotion of the orientation competences standard and dialect for bi- or multi-lingual children; School integration of foreign language children; Standard language in kindergarten; Diagnosis of language standards (including those of foreign-language children);Language observation tools and reference points; Language support materials for the kindergarten; Creation of educational materials for 4 - to 8-year-olds

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