Italian Institute, University of Basel

The Italian Institute, previously part of the Romance Seminar, is autonomous since 2005 and is part of the Department Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften of the University of Basel. The Institute comprises the Italian Literature and the Italian Linguistics sections, under the supervision respectively of Prof. Dr. Maria Antonietta Terzoli and Prof. Dr. Angela Ferrari. The Institute offers courses at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. The Italian Institute is devoted to the study of the Italian language and culture, as well as of the life and history of Italy and the Italian part of Switzerland. The Literary studies focus on the literature and culture in Italian language, and examine their historical development on the basis of representative examples. These studies also focus on the language of literary criticism as well as specific analytical tools such as Metrics, Rhetoric, Poetics, Narratology etc.; comparative Literature and literary theory are also included in the studies. The study of Italian Linguistics is both theoretical and descriptive. Discussed in a theoretical perspective are the concepts of Text Linguistics and the interaction between sentence grammar and textuality. From a descriptive point of view, focus is on the history of the Italian language and, possibly with a contrastive approach, the written and spoken varieties of contemporary Italian. Aspects of the lexicon, morphology, syntax, punctuation, prosody and text structure are examined.

Research domains: 

- LITERATURE: - Textual criticism and critical editions - Interpretation of literary texts - Dedication in the literary tradition (http://www.margini.unibas.ch) - Italian literature from the 15th-20th Centuries - Literary genres from a historical, rhetorical and stylistic point of view - Swiss literature in Italian language - Intertextuality - Translation - LINGUISTICS: - Text linguistics: theory and description - Variational linguistics (diaphasic, diastratic, diatopic, diamesic) - History of the Italian language - History of linguistic thought in Italy and in Europe - Contrastive linguistics: Italian/French, Italian/English, Italian/German - Computer mediated communication - Didactics of Italian as L1 and L2 - Information structure of the Utterance - Language system: lexicon, morphology, syntax, punctuation, prosody, textuality - ITALIAN LANGUAGE: - Advanced grammatical training - Writing techniques - Translation practices

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