Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Science (SAGW)

To achieve a certain consistency regarding its activities, the SAGW has placed a key activity since 2003 on « languages and cultures ». As already suggested by the titel « languages and cultures », very broad subjects will be covered. Topics like (foreign) language classes, social and linguistic integration, multiculturism, multilinguism, religion, society, etc. will be examined. In the context of the main focus « languages and cultures », the SAGW is pursuing the following objectives : - To make a contribution to the preservation and advancement of the linguistic and cultural diversity in Switzerland and Europe - Advancement of the interdisciplinary research in Switzerland in the area of languages and cultures - Advancement of the national and international collaboration in the area of linguistic and cultural research in between universities, technical colleges and further research institutions - Advancement of the dialogue between science, politics and the public with regard to societal relevant questions of linguistical and cultural diversity - Allocation of expertise in the area of linguistical and cultural diversi-ty for the leading committees of the SAGW - Formulation of advisory opinions and recommendations for the advancement of the linguistical and cultural diversity within and outside of the academy.

Research domains: 

Following topics and questions were taken up by the SAGW in the past years : Linguistic articles; Cultural advancement- and Pro Helvetia law; UNECSO-convention (convention for the protection and advance-ment of the diverse cultural expression forms and convention for the conservation of the intangible cultural heritage; Museum’s law; Memo politic; Crosslinking of research programs. Furthermore, the SAGW has the mandate of the Union for the Na-tional Dictionaries : the Swiss-German dictionary, the Vocabolario dei dialetti della Svizzera ital-iana, the Glossaire des patois de la Suisse romande, and the Diczi-unari Rumantsch Grischun.

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